Hiring System

At Glaring Building Maintenance, We ensure that our professional cleaners and facility maintenance staff are carefully selected. This allows us to deliver the highest-quality in the area, consistent services for all of our clients, and to be confident in the security of your facility.

New employees receive a complete orientation from one of our experts, with special attention to our methodology and commitment to client satisfaction.

Compliance with EEO Laws, Nationwide Background Checks, as well as Office of Public Safety, Criminal History Systems Board for Criminal Offender Record Information and sex offender registry information (CORI/SORI)

  • Past employer reference checks. and I-9 verification.
  • Orientation process  focused on safety and Our Culture of:
    • Honesty
    • Commitment
    • Responsibility
  • Training designed to form specialists.​

Designed to form specialists.​

The recruitment process is one of the most important procedures for our company. It sets the tone for the type of employee we want to attract and has the potential to engage and impress top talent before they’ve set foot in your organization.

As the front line ambassadors of our brand, hiring and retaining the right employees is essential for us.